What is "Kalón"?

Kalón, a word close to our hearts and our Greek heritage, has no direct English translation, but in effect, it describes the beauty of the soul rather than its vessel. Our products are designed to make you feel like the best version of yourself. Self-care and luxury are experiences and we want to help you indulge in them! Take this moment to nurture your favourite version of you so that your Kalòn can be reflected outwardly.

Benefits of our Heatless Hair Curling Kit

Satin covers

The silky satin covers ensure fewer tangles, split ends, dryness and hair loss so your curls will last longer!

Save time, energy and electricity

Nobody enjoys sitting and curling each strand of their hair- we have places to go, people to see... So why not go to sleep, and wake up with perfect, ready-to-go curls?

Washable, reusable, affordable

Just throw our curling rope and scrunchies into the washing machine for a quick clean!

Get creative!

We've designed our product to be used in different ways according to what works for you! That's why our curling rope is long. Double up for thicker curls, twist it differently for different shapes- whatever your heart desires!

Benefits of our Microfibre Products

Sturdy and Secure

Do your speedy morning make-up, chase the runaway kids or shave those legs while your hair remains in place! The Hair Wrap and the Headband are designed to be adjustable for your convenience and comfort.

Time effective

Microfibre absorbs moisture twice as fast as a normal towel so you don't have to spend as long using other methods of drying. That means less electricity and less heat!

Gentle on your hair

Microfiber is the new superhero when it comes to hair health! The soft material prevents hair loss and promotes moisture retention so you don't end up with dry ends.

Easy to wash

Don’t worry about getting your make-up or leave-in conditioner on the microfibre because it’s as easy as throwing them in with your white laundry load. They can be used 3-4 times before you wash them.

Benefits of the satin pillowcase

We're all about healthy hair...

Satin allows your hair to glide as you move instead of creating friction like cotton does. This prevents breakage, frizz and tangles. Satin also doesn't draw moisture, which helps your curls last longer and keeps your hair hydrated.

Your skin will love you!

Not only is satin a hypoallergenic fabric, it also prevents acne and minimizes wrinkles because it maintains moisture in the skin. Not to mention, nobody likes those pesky post-nap face creases...

We just want to live in luxury

We spend a third of our lives sleeping! That means our pillowcases really do
make a difference, and really, is there anything better than climbing into a comfy bed after a long day? And with this luxurious aesthetic? UNBEATABLE!

Unique production

We prioritize standing out! One way our pillowcases are set apart from others is by the way they are sewn - with care and precision. The thin seams and subtle, modern branding add to the elegance and novelty of our design.

Hi Gorgeous...

Silk vs Satin

Meet our team


The OG of the company- a true 'Jack of All Trades! Not only is she a super-mom of 3 children, a wife and a motivated entrepreneur, but she originally worked as an events coordinator and would often use her sewing skills to benefit her brides. After lockdown 2020, she started the business and her passion has grown along with it.


Sewing may not be her thing, but micromanaging definitely is! After joining as a co-director of the business in 2021, she has juggled being a university Physiotherapy student, tutor and business owner and uses her organizational skills and creative eye to add to the success of Kalon.


You will never meet a more enthusiastic and dedicated employee than Portia. She has learnt to sew from scratch only 1 year ago and continues to expand her skills daily! She is surely an inspiration to her daughter in Zimbabwe. We are so happy to have her on our Kalon team!